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Reese Witherspoon's New $2 Million Home Is a Real Fixer-Upper

Aug 30 2014 - 8:01am

Move over, Ellen DeGeneres [1], because there's a new celebrity house flipper [2] in business. Reese Witherspoon [3] dropped nearly $2 million on the ultimate fixer-upper, a historic mansion in her hometown of Nashville [4]. While this Southern estate sat neglected long enough to fall into ruin, Reese hopes to completely renovate the home, which has seen so much American history. Thanks to the concern of a local couple, the very basic renovations (floor restoration and wall painting) were taken care of prior to the real estate sale, so the actress won't have to fully gut the home.

Built in the 1930s, the 3,855-square-foot home sits upon 6.5 acres of private land that will eventually be excellent for Reese's growing family. The house itself has great bones for renovation, offering a grand entryway and a large library, along with a separate guest house that stands beside an in-ground pool. Hopefully, with plenty of money and hard work, this historic estate will make a beautifully restored home base for the Nashville native and her family. Curious about the project that Reese is taking on? Check out the photos and imagine all the possibilities of her flip.

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While the home's exterior certainly needs rejuvenating, its old-fashioned glamour is still visible beneath the decades of wear.

Source: Zillow [7]

With the floors refurbished and the paint fresh, this room gives a peek into the possibility this home offers for Reese.

Source: Zillow [8]

This bathroom is small, but the vintage touches are perfect for a historic home renovation!

Source: Zillow [9]

This is one of the estate's three fireplaces, which will be perfect for chilly holidays spent indoors.

Source: Zillow [10]

The grand driveway that leads to the house will look gorgeous once the grounds are in better shape.

Source: Zillow [11]

This room barely requires any work!

Source: Zillow [12]

Once the home is in tip-top shape, this entryway will undoubtedly impress guests.

Source: Zillow [13]

From the front, one might never guess that this house requires an overhaul.

Source: Zillow [14]

A separate guest house will be great when California friends visit this Tennessee home.

Source: Zillow [15]

Another fireplace offers Reese and her family plenty of options for warmth in the Winter.

Source: Zillow [16]

This lovely creek that runs through the property is just one of its many charms.

Source: Zillow [17]

The beautiful bannister on the stairs is a dead giveaway to the home's 1930s construction.

Source: Zillow [18]

This shed on the property may make a good playhouse for the kids.

Source: Zillow [19]

After the flip, this bedroom may be reserved for guests or one of Reese's three children.

Source: Zillow [20]

Some rooms, like this unfinished one, require major work.

Source: Zillow [21]

The gleaming wood in this library makes curling up with a good book even more appealing.

Source: Zillow [22]

While it needs an overhaul, this pool will eventually make an appealing Summer sanctuary.

Source: Zillow [23]

Reese has plenty of work on her hands with this room!

Source: Zillow [24]

Books will line the shelves once this cozy library is completed.

Source: Zillow [25]

Huge lawns will be wonderful for entertaining and outdoor play.

Source: Zillow [26]

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