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Room Therapy: Concrete Surfaces

Welcome to this week's Room Therapy, the CasaSugar feature where users submit questions and you, the readers, along with myself, help answer them. Casa reader Azduring13 wrote to me saying, "My sister told me about using stained concrete for floor finishing and countertops. Do you have any information on this? Thanks."

I'm going to answer the second half of that question in a post on Wednesday, but for now let's look at the floor finishings portion of the question. I happen to know that Casa reader and TeamSugar member Mosspink actually has gorgeous concrete floors in her surprisingly bright and sunny basement apartment. Let's see what she has to say.

"I inherited this floor from the previous owners, who'd bought this house as a fixer-upper. When they moved into this place, all the concrete was covered in linoleum and vinyl flooring tile. When they pulled it up and did what they could to remove the old adhesive and gunk, there was a residual grid pattern left from the tile."

To see more photos of Mosspink's pretty concrete-floored abode, and to learn about living with those floors, just

Mosspink goes on to say that you can take easy care of a concrete floor if you "simply sweep it on a regular basis. Dust and debris scratches the shine off, of course, as do the rolling wheels of office chairs, which I've discovered much to my chagrin. Mop once every few months, more if there's more traffic or you make a mess, and I recommend Pine-Sol."

"In all honesty, I love the color and finish—it reminds me very much of marble or stone without the care or expense that might entail. Like those two materials, its camouflage-like nature masks a variety of sins, from spilled coffee to dropped brownie crumbs. Aside from that, I love its smooth, cool feel underfoot and the good traction it provides. On the down side, it is a hard surface so doing exercise on it isn't recommended without a proper mat."

Thanks for all of the great information, Mosspink! Anybody else have experience with concrete floors?

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