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Roundup: Artful Accents For a Guy's Home

Roundup: Artful Accents For a Guy's Home

Do you have a bachelor friend, brother, or special guy in your life who's in need of a few artful touches in his home? Chances are, if you know a guy, this is definitely the case. Most of the bachelors I know tend to neglect adding art to their home's walls, instead opting for concert posters (or, shudder, neon beer signs). So, why not nudge the bachelor you know in the right direction by giving him some cool art to add to his walls?

Start with this Ehno Wood Print ($150) from Melissa Moss. This print of an original acrylic painting has been transferred onto a wood panel, and it has a cool, surreal vibe that your funkier guy friends will appreciate. Not sure that this is the right art for your bachelor pal? Then check out some of my other finds below.

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