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This Home Is 550 Square Feet of Perfection

Jul 16 2014 - 6:09am

If you ever needed the proof that good things come in small packages, let this home be it. Measuring up at 550 square feet, the Los Angeles apartment of designer Peter Dunham [1] is nothing short of style. First spotted in House Beautiful [2], it's the original architecture, eclectic mix of prints, and bold paint colors that infuse this tiny home with charisma. Better yet, Dunham's genius use of space is filled with ideas and pieces that you can easily mimic (hint: his kitchen). Get inspired to possibly want to downsize browsing the cool, California digs below!

Source: Amy Neunsinger [3] via House Beautiful [4]

TV unit, mini bar, console table — this vintage piece does it all! Its midcentury modern lines keep with the home's overall eclectic look.

Source: Amy Neunsinger [5] via House Beautiful [6]

The main living area looks anything but small. Between the eating nook, ample seating, and large windows, it truly has everything one needs. Smart touches like replacing crown moulding with shelving offers extra space for books and accents.

Source: Amy Neunsinger [7] via House Beautiful [8]

No coffee table, no problem! A cowhide ottoman serves as a stylish coffee table alternative [9] and is a cool contrast against the grass rug.

Source: Amy Neunsinger [10] via House Beautiful [11]

Nothing we hate about this! Pale pink walls keep the living room bright, while the window seat provides plenty of seating (without using additional furniture). The fabrics are an unexpected combo but fitting for a Los Angeles pad.

Source: Amy Neunsinger [12] via House Beautiful [13]

Now this is a small kitchen done right! Open shelves — a 2014 design trend [14] — keep the kitchen from feeling small and enclosed (something you risk with cabinets). But it's details like bright cookware and framed art that add a personal touch. Even better, there's space for a washer . . . crucial.

Source: Amy Neunsinger [15] via House Beautiful [16]

Everything in this tiny room is unexpected, yet it works! Between the funky wallpaper, the alternative headboard [17], and the multiwall gallery wall [18], this bedroom has it all. Long story short, it's proof that decorating rules are meant to be broken [19].

Source: Amy Neunsinger [20] via House Beautiful [21]

This bright blue door might just be our favorite part of the home! It sets the tone for the rest of the space and adds a playful vibe to the communal patio.

For a complete look at this Los Angeles home, head to HouseBeautiful.com [22].

Source: Amy Neunsinger [23] via House Beautiful [24]

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