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15 Ways to Stop Hating Your Small Bathroom

Dec 20 2014 - 11:07am

When so much of your daily routine is spent in the bathroom, a cramped space can really cramp your style. If a tiny bathroom is plaguing you, here are some ideas to utilize the space properly, so you can get back to loving your home!

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Decide Your Details

When it comes to small spaces, focusing on one or two standout details helps prevent clutter and overstimulation. A clean color palette and simple symmetry allow for details like gold hardware and a patterned rug to shine.

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Brighten Your Bathroom

One way to rekindle your love for a small bathroom is by choosing a color palette that makes you happy every time you step in. Bright colors like canary yellow tend to have this effect.

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Hang What You Can

A major mistake when working with a small restroom is neglecting wall space. If possible, hang bathroom necessities to avoid clutter.

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Go Double-Duty

When styling your small bathroom, opt for accessories that serve multiple purposes, like a mirror with an attached shelf for small objects.

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Dedicate Areas to Daily Activities

You may not have an excess of square footage in your bathroom, but creating a place for your daily routine helps any room feel more like home. Try creating a tray for your daily beauty routine that houses makeup, a curling iron, and other necessities.

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Coordinate Your Clutter

If you can't avoid a cluttered space, try your best to coordinate the items scattered across your bathroom. If committing to a single brand just isn't realistic, consider transferring soaps and moisturizers into simple apothecary bottles [13].

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Utilize Unused Spaces

An unusual restroom means unusual storage solutions, which may mean getting creative. Slipping a box beneath your sink for extra storage space can help hide unsightly clutter while also maximizing your bathroom's square footage.

Choose Smart Appliances

If you have the ability to redesign your tiny bathroom, make sure to choose appliances that perfectly fit the space. If a sink can be tucked into a corner or your vanity can include storage beneath it, make sure to invest in those pieces!

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Use Every Inch

The smaller your bathroom, the more vital space usage becomes. Consider using the top of your toilet for a bit of unconventional storage!

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Create False Space

One interior design go-to for decorating small spaces is a mirror [19]. Use them to create the illusion of square footage. The same trick can work for your tiny bathroom!

Source: Grey Crawford [20] for Elle Decor [21]

Get Smart About Storage

Say goodbye to the days of "everything drawers," because small bathrooms require the utmost organization to feel livable. Invest in organizers for your drawers and cabinets to help keep you coordinated.

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Stow Necessary Seating

Most restrooms don't necessitate side tables, but they can be handy as unexpected storage surfaces. These cork tables are wonderful for the restroom because they're lightweight and antimicrobial and can also serve as seating.

Source: Anita Calero [24] via Domino [25]

Attract Attention With a Patterned Wall

If you'd rather guests focus on your bathroom decor instead of the small space, try patterned walls! Fun prints make even the tiniest rooms feel happy and spacious. Try this out in your space with wall stencils or pretty wallpaper.

Source: House Tweaking [26]

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