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Just Do It: 10 Ways to (Finally) Embrace Your Small Yard

Jun 3 2014 - 8:50am

In the case of outdoor living, bigger isn't alway better, and we have just the photos to prove it. After a day at Sunset Magazine's Celebration Weekend [1], we were left inspired by the beautiful, not to mention cutting-edge, ideas for compact yards, urban gardens, and petite patios. Whether you're looking for unique seating ideas or a new take on the potted plant, here are 10 ideas that completely rethink compact landscapes.

Source: Spencer Toy/Sunset [2]

Try a Bench

Furnishing your patio is a like furnishing your home; you want to avoid pieces that will make it feel cramped or cluttered. If your yard is small, try a set of benches; they provide plenty of space to seat guests without the bulk.

Source: Spencer Toy/Sunset [3]

Go Custom

No standard patio furniture here! If you're looking to add ample seating to a patio, consider a built-in bench. A custom piece will make the most of your space and likely become the focal point of your yard.

Source: Spencer Toy/Sunset [4]

Choose a Statement

Just because your yard is small, doesn't mean your have to sacrifice character. This unique lounge chair looks like a piece of art but is still practical in that if offers a place to sit.

Source: Spencer Toy/Sunset [5]

Add a DIY

Take your love for home DIYs [6] outside. This ombré paint effect is a trendy way to revamp a standard wood planter.

Photo: Emily Bibb

Ditch the Planters

This patio left the planters behind by planting durable plants like succulents among the limestone. Definitely a look we want to try.

Photo: Emily Bibb

Think Up

A fire pit is the ideal backyard addition, but they often take up loads of space. Instead of doing without, choose an outdoor fireplace with height not width. This sleek option has a sculptural look; perfect for a modern home.

Source: Spencer Toy/Sunset [7]

Rethink Your Seating

Rethink the possibilities of your patio lattice with a hanging chair. It's a fun way to add a burst of color and a bohemian vibe.

Source: Spencer Toy/Sunset [8]

Keep It Cohesive

Similar to decor, cohesive accessories will completely set the tone of a patio. While you should mix and match textures and materials, keep patio accents within the same color palette for a styled look.

Source: Spencer Toy/Sunset [9]

Grow Up

That's right, grow up (well, when it comes to plants). Planted walls are low maintenance, offer privacy, and create the look of a tropical escape.

Source: Spencer Toy/Sunset [10]

Make It Edible

No need for acres to have your own edible garden. There are several plants, herbs, and veggies that grow well in planters and urban environments. These herb planters [11] are perfect for small spaces both inside and out.

Source: Spencer Toy/Sunset [12]

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