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You Know You Live in a Grown-Up Apartment If . . .

Dec 13 2014 - 12:07pm

Forget cooking your own dinners or investing in a 401(k). The official sign that you've reached adulthood is a nice, stylish apartment. You know, one that's worthy of having mom come and stay for the weekend. Maybe you were born with design instinct or maybe it took you a few years to get it right, but either way, you've done it. How do you know? Because you no longer sleep on a futon or hang your art with tape. For even more assurance, we're breaking down all the signs that prove you're living like a bona fide adult. Now that deserves a drink!

You've Never Owned So Many Pillows

Besides the one you sleep on, you have pillows in every shape and color [1] to decorate with, leading you to wonder . . . is there such a thing as too many pillows [2]?

Source: Natalie Watson [3] via Style Me Pretty [4]

You Know the Importance of a Headboard

It could be as simple as a small bookshelf or as complicated as a tufted headboard, but you make sure to decorate the space above your bed [5] — and we're not talking posters.

Source: Emily Henderson [6]

You've Spent 10 Percent of Your Salary on a Rug

It was painful, but you did it. You bought a rug that was really expensive, but once you saw how great it looked in your place, you knew it was worth it [7].

Source: Instagram user eyeswoon [8]

A Couch Is Not Enough

You finally tossed the futon and bought a real couch, but then you realized even that wasn't enough. Ottomans, poufs, side chairs — these days you get a little wild when it comes to seating arrangements.

Source: Jasmine Nicole Photography [9] via Style Me Pretty [10]

You Don't Mind Being in Your Bathroom

. . . Because you actually took the time to make it nice [11]. The soap is in a proper dish, and you even switch out your bath mat once in a while.

Source: Nate Berkus Interiors [12]

You're Able to Keep Plants

Sure, you might need some maintenance tips [13], but you know how to keep plants and flowers alive past a couple of days. Sayonara, black thumb.

Source: Laure Joliet [14] via Emily Henderson [15]

Booze Has Its Place

No need to keep bottles hidden in cabinets anymore! You've done an excellent job of styling your own bar cart [16], and it showcases your personality to a T.

Source: Instagram user ruthieandrose [17]

You Own a Desk

Not only do you actually use this desk, but you also actually care about how it fits [18] in with the rest of your decor. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Source: Stoffer Photography [19] via The Everygirl [20]

You Have a Dedicated Place to Eat

Even if it's a dining table just for two, you make an effort to eat away from your couch while you're watching TV. Bonus for any placemats or a tablecloth.

Source: Instagram user rum4_karstenk [21]

You Hang Up Your Art

Whether you hang it high, low, in a grid, or on a shelf [22], you know the right way display your artwork and you cringe at the thought of the days when you used to use tacks and tape.

Source: Instagram user ann_a_porter [23]

You Spend More Money on Home Accessories Than Fashion Ones

A vintage bust? Need. Animal bookends? Say no more. You've learned to love the fact that home accessories are just as essential as what's in your jewelry box.

Source: Burnham Design [24]

You Believe in Quality Dishware

Can it be? You no longer get your dishes for free from friends and family and you're actually proud to show off your plates and glasses when guests come over. You even know which glasses should be used for which drinks.

Source: Instagram user perri_launde [25]

You Organize Everything

From your bookshelf that's color-coded to your kitchen pantry, it's important that everything in sight is perfectly organized [26]. Considering how your apartment was in college, your tagline might as well be "from cluttered to curated."

Source: Instagram user helenbakunowicz [27]

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