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16 Things You Should Spray Paint Today

Jan 29 2015 - 4:05am

The power of paint [1] is a wonderful thing. It easily lets you upgrade your furniture and accents with minimal effort. So, what would be better? Spray paint, actually. With a few shakes and sprays, you can easily upgrade what's already in your home when you're feeling bored. Ahead, check out 16 things that deserve a coat!

Photo by Ruth Eileen [2] via Style Me Pretty [3]

Decorative Letters

Gold decorative wall letters aren't cheap, but here's an idea: stop at your local arts and crafts store for an affordable white version to spray paint.

Photo by Khaki Bedford Photography [4] via Style Me Pretty [5]

Wall Decor

These spray-painted arrows [6] are a great alternative to art gallery walls.

Source: In Honor of Design [7] via Style Me Pretty [8]

Mason Jars

Whether you use them as vases or to store utensils [9], mason jars always look more eye-catching with a spray of (colorful or metallic) paint.

Source: Etsy user BeachBlues [10]

Coffee Tables

With just some spray paint and painter's tape, a standard Ikea table gets a major upgrade [11].

Source: Kristi Murphy [12]


It's true: you can spray paint forks [13], spoons, and knives the safe way for an unexpectedly cool effect.

Photo by Bryce Covey Photography [14] via Style Me Pretty [15]

Ice Buckets

Step up your entertaining skills by coating your ice buckets with a fun, seasonal color.

Photo by Millie Holloman Photography [16] via Style Me Pretty [17]


Stylish and affordable brass hardware is surprisingly hard to find, but you can transform yours with some eye-catching spray paint [18].

Source: Little Green Notebook [19]


Whether it's an animal sculpture or the legs of a bench [20], you'd be surprised at how far some spray paint can go in improving your accents.

Photo by Carmen Santorelli Photography [21] via Style Me Pretty [22]

Table Legs

Bored with your desk? Spray paint the legs a fun color — there, that was easy.

Photo by Ruth Eileen [23] via Style Me Pretty [24]


Upgrade your morning routine with a cheery spray-painted coffee cup [25].

Source: Poppytalk [26]

Office Chairs

Even boring office chairs can stand out, thanks to this Ikea spray-paint hack [27].

Source: Hither and Thither [28]


Give even more life to your planters by spray painting half of them in bright hues for a two-toned effect.

Source: Etsy user WindandWillowHome [29]


Can you believe these pretty DIY baskets [30] were done with spray paint in less than 15 minutes?!

Source: Style Me Pretty [31]


Thanks to simple gold spray paint, Camille Styles contributor Claire Zinnecker got this old dresser [32] to go from drab to fab.

Source: Camille Styles [33]


If you want to take your bookshelf styling a step further than organizing by color, consider spray painting your book covers in one color like one designer did for this mansion project [34].

Photo: Lisette Mejia


Spray paint and frames go together like PB and J. Really, it's such an easy way to upgrade your gallery wall [35].

Source: Domino [36]

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