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3 Clever Ways to Fake the Stacked Logs Look

Feb 20 2014 - 4:02am

If you're an urbanist craving a cozy-cabin vibe for your home, you'll want in on a secret: faking the look of stacked logs is actually easy and affordable to pull off. Keep reading for three DIYs that add instant woodsy charm!

Source: Pepper Design Blog [1]

Decorate with Wall Decals

We've all seen the wall niches displaying stacks of wood in those perfectly imperfect country homes. Think of this photographic vinyl strip [2] ($64) as a high-end wall decal and create your own designer-worthy niche in a matter of minutes.

Create a Fireplace Facade

Pepper Design blogger Morgan created a fireplace facade so beautiful, it almost trumps the warmth of a crackling fire. The best part? Even if your fireplace works, you can still capture the look of perfectly stacked logs using this DIY trick [3] that allows you to remove them in seconds.

Source: Pepper Design Blog [4]

Frame Some Fabric

Ready for the easiest and cheapest of them all? See how I created my own stacked log art [5] with inexpensive Ikea products!

Photo: Angela Elias

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