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Small Apartment? There's a DIY For That!

Jan 19 2015 - 4:06am

When you live in a small space, you have two options: you can buy appropriate furniture and accents [1] or you can DIY [2] them. If you're looking to save some cash or take on a project, go the DIY route with these five ideas. You definitely won't be disappointed!

If you don't have a closet (a likely studio scenario) or just need more space to hang your clothes, this DIY rolling rack idea [3] is convenient and stylish. Show off your best clothes and move it around as you see fit.

Source: Smitten Studio [4]

When you live in tight quarters, always look out for multipurpose furniture. A simple tray is a great example: it can be used as a side table, nightstand, or in this case, bar cart. And making one yourself [5] is way easier than you'd think!

Source: Lily Shop [6]

Speaking of furniture that has more than one purpose, this dresker — aka dresser-desk hybrid [7] — is genius! Don't be afraid to DIY [8] it.

Source: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking [9]

Because they're incredibly versatile, poufs are essential in small spaces. They let you kick up your heels, serve as a coffee table, or offer extra seating. But they're usually so expensive! Not the case with this ottoman DIY [10] that uses fabric and an Ikea cube . . . and costs only $40.

Source: Kristi Murphy [11]

We couldn't believe the styling of this studio [12] when we first saw it. The focal point is definitely the daybed, which doubles as a sofa. The frame was made by stacking industrial wooden shipping pallets — a cute and clever way to store shoes!

Photo by Chellise Michael [13] via Homepolish [14]

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