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Now This Is What a Real Girl's Studio Looks Like

Apr 13 2014 - 4:05am

Not many people downsize from a one-bedroom to a studio apartment, but for our very own editor Emily Bibb, the decision was easy. "I was really craving an urban lifestyle, and it seemed like the right step after college," she says of her move last Fall from Berkeley, CA, to San Francisco. If anyone could make the situation work, it's Emily, who's moved six times in the past seven years. Today she lives in the charming studio, proving you can be young (24 years old, to be exact) and not just have a sense of decorating style but own it . . . no matter how small your space is. Let's take a tour — and pick up some great tips — shall we?

As soon as you step inside the apartment, you can't help but notice these amazing Chanel prints by Andy Warhol. Turns out Emily's had them since she was 17 years old and saved her money for two years to buy the whole set. "I could never live without them," she says. Can you blame her?

If there's one way to describe Emily's decorating style, it would be urban bohemian. She lives for edgier pieces that are timeless, like the fabulous cowhide rug that ties together her bed and couch.

How great are her bright pillows? One piece of advice she has for anyone trying to figure out their decorating style is to start with a basic foundation (a neutral couch, for instance) and add pizzazz through accents.

Same goes for keeping walls bare so you can have fun experimenting. (Tell us you don't want all of these prints!)

Fun candles are also a must.

Can you believe this zebra is actually a whiskey decanter? Looks like it's right at home in the middle of those timeless stacked books and frames.

Just about every inch of the apartment has a touch of fun, like the pirate pillow on Emily's bed. It's all part of her philosophy: splurge on the big stuff like furniture but save on smaller items like pillows and bedding because you'll want to switch them up more often.

We love how everything in her apartment is a mix of store-bought items (the nightstand, for instance) and awesome vintage finds. These gorgeous jewelry holders? They used to be ashtrays. And the gold containers are another unique buy. "Try not to buy everything from one place," she advises. "It ends up looking like you've rushed it or too much like a catalog."

Who says you don't have room for a work space in a studio? The wood table is not only beautiful but also practical. "Before I buy anything, I try to make sure it serves multiple purposes," says Emily. "My desk will one day make a great console table."

Gold animal accents and pretty stationery are two more essentials.

As for the bathroom, decor comes in the form of beautiful perfume bottles.

For Emily, decorating inspiration comes from everywhere — her favorite designers [1] on Pinterest, her own blog [2], Instagram . . .

And of course, her job as an editor for POPSUGAR Home. "Sometimes it's overwhelming seeing perfect home images all the time," she says. "But then I realize I'm only 24 and still starting out. Things like that take time." We'd say she's off to a great start — just look at that stellar glass tray she picked up.

When it comes to entertaining guests, her bright, airy kitchen is key.

"I try to stay away from paper plates or cups," she says. "The proper barware and plates make it feel special, no matter where you live."

Another great tip from Emily: don't be afraid to invade your parents' garage — that's where she got all her silverware. The green mason jars? Those were a thoughtful gift.

But the main studio rule to live by: always have Champagne on hand for celebrations.

. . . Like when you move into your very own place. Sure, studio living can sometimes get a bad rap, but when you're young and living in a city, it may be the only option.

"The most important thing is to stay true to what you love and not to mimic someone's else's space," says Emily. "We all have different budgets and live differently, so even though you can pull inspiration from other people, don't have your place be a copy of someone else's." We'll definitely cheers to that!

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