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Tips For Mastering Your Studio Layout

Dec 6 2014 - 10:33am

You wouldn't know it unless you like to studio-hop, but not all studios are created equal. Sure, they all have the whole "small space" thing in common, but some are narrower, others have room dividers, a few have three walls — you name it. Here, we break down how to decorate your cozy space like a pro, no matter what the layout's like. As it turns out, it's all about being resourceful.

Photo by Bess Friday [1] via Style Me Pretty [2]

When It's One Open Room

Probably the most common of studio layouts is the giant bedroom-slash-living room. And the people who styled this gorgeous open apartment [3] — designers Lindsay Boswell and Ali Levin of LABLstudio — knew just how to make that layout work. "Whenever possible we like to make sure there is a proper living area (i.e., a sofa, side table, coffee table) as well as a place where you can sit, eat, or work. Sometimes this means sacrificing some of the 'bedroom' to make for a larger 'living and entertaining' area," they say. In this case, for instance, that meant placing the bed in the corner and mounting a shelf on the wall rather than having a bedside table.

Photo by Matthew Williams [4] via LABLstudio [5]

When It's Big Enough For Multiple "Areas"

Lucky you! Still, this layout is tricky, because there are no walls to divide the studio despite being clearly big enough for another "station." Be it an office, dining room, or living area, it's important to make those spaces feel distinct with the proper furniture. In this case, for instance, the TV stand also acts as a room divider.

Source: Instagram user mystudiomontreal [6]

When You Have Room Dividers

Room dividers can be both a blessing and a curse, as in the case of designer Cailtin Fleming's [7] former studio. On the one hand, they make your space feel like a one-bedroom, but on the other, they're hard to decorate around. What you have to do is be strategic about all the furniture you buy — that side table can't stay if it won't let you swing the glass door open and shut. And if your room divider is clear, consider adding drapery, so you have some privacy when guests are over.

Photo by Bess Friday [8] via Style Me Pretty [9]

When It's a Studio Loft

Aside from being practical, studio lofts have a cool factor like no other.
What we love about this Maui home [10] of interior-designer-turned-Pandeia [11]-founder Kelsi Vande Velden is it's filled with small-space secrets. "Reimagine the possibilities, and make a floor plan to identify the 'dead spaces' that could be better used. In my house, I removed shelves and a door to turn a closet into a foyer," she advises. "Take advantage of the height of a room; mirrors and light colors will make any space feel larger." We agree!

Source: Ashley Camper [12]

When Windows Are Your Walls

What's so great about this setup is all the light you have! But giant windows also mean you have less wall space to decorate with accents and art. Add some drama in a way that won't take up any space: with colored walls, patterned rugs, bright pillows, and other practical details.

Source: Instagram user mystudiomontreal [13]