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In another case of researching the obvious, an Oxford University study shows that women are more attracted to men if they believe they will help out with household chores and contribute equally with childcare. As a lucky woman whose husband does half the housework (and as a woman who has been in the opposite situation with boyfriends and housemates in the past), all I can say is: duh!

The study, which was reported in the Telegraph, examined heterosexual relationships in 13 countries, questioning 13,500 men and women between the ages of 20 and 45 from each country about gender, housework, and childcare responsibilities. Those sexy Swedes and Norwegians came out on top, with British men following in third place. The article notes:

Australian men – stereotyped for their love of beer, sport, and the great outdoors – came in last, rated as the least attractive in terms of pulling their weight around the house.

For the complete list, from best to worst,


  1. Sweden
  2. Norway
  3. Great Britain
  4. United States
  5. Northern Ireland
  6. Netherlands
  7. Republic of Ireland
  8. Spain
  9. New Zealand
  10. Japan
  11. Germany
  12. Austria
  13. Australia
  14. Image Source: Getty
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avisiblespectrum avisiblespectrum 7 years
I can't stand when my fiance does house work either! Some things are fine, but he has the tendency to just shove everything in a closet and vacuum. Then I spend the next week trying to find everything again! Though...Canada isn't even on that list!
meepish meepish 7 years
My husband is Australian and he does housework! And he hates the taste of beer and is completely uninterested in sport. Clearly they didn't include us in their survey!
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Haha, before I got to the end of the first graf, I thought, "Duh." Great minds think alike. I would not live with a man who didn't help with the housework. My dad wasn't the most industrious around the house, and it caused a lot of tension in my parents' marriage. So yeah, duh, helpful men = happy Bella.
Chrstne Chrstne 7 years
I have lived with my BF for over a year and a half, and I will say that I cannot stand when he does housework. Why? I enjoy it! It's relaxing to me, and I just feel like, ya know, he pulls his weight and more in so many other areas that I would rather do all the housework than have him do it, too. I don't change the high lightbulbs, unclog the toilet, fix the leaks. He likes to do all that stuff. Seriously, if you are a good housekeeper, you will see that there's not much to do on a daily basis. Of course, we don't have kids or massively hectic schedules where we are gone all day. It'll probably change if that happens. But, for now, I am happy doing the housework.
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