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9 Reasons Succulents Aren't Going Away Anytime Soon

Mar 5 2014 - 4:02am

Anyone else obsessed with succulents — still? Not only are they gorgeous, but they're one of the easiest plants you could ever keep [1]. Plus, they're so versatile, they instantly jazz up any windowsill, desk, or coffee table. Here you'll find some of the most beautiful options you can buy right now. You're welcome!

Source: West Elm [2]

Love how these Haworthia fasciata [3] ($10), aka zebra succulents, add texture to any space.

The great thing about this set of three succulents [4] ($16-$32) is that you can keep them all or give 'em as thoughtful gifts.

You already know that the jade plant is one of the easiest to keep [5], so snap up the succulent [6] ($17-$22) in a cute ceramic hanging pot.

How incredible is the 3D effect of these flower-like succulents [7] ($7)?

Did you know? Senecio radicans is the proper name of these stringy succulents [8] ($7) that should be kept in hanging baskets or used in trailing bouquets.

This special set of six succulents [9] ($45) offers a variety of textures and colors. Score!

With a dusty white center, this capo blanco succulent [10] ($13) would look great indoors or out.

This Seneccio succulent plant [11] ($5) may have the nickname blue fingers, but they're the prettiest blue fingers we've ever seen.

Available in small or large, this box of succulents [12] ($23-$32) means you'll have enough to display them any way you wish.

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