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Turn Your Travel Bucket List Into Art

Apr 27 2014 - 3:05am

Have a serious case of wanderlust? Try transforming your travel bucket list into a beautiful visual for your home. Instead of the old map filled with pins standby, we're loving the idea of turning these prints from Arts District Printing Co. [1] into a gorgeous gallery wall! The adorable couple behind one of LA's coolest home boutiques Hammer & Spear [2] decided to partner with photographer Jonathan Ventura to launch Arts District Printing Co. [3], and we're so glad they did. Their vintage-inspired landscapes are printed on Nepalese paper, using handmade inks crafted from fruits and vegetables. The best part? This art will only set you back $15 to $40 — your travel funds are safe!

Joshua Tree [4] ($15-$40)

San Francisco [5] ($15-$40)

You Are Here Arts District [6] ($15-$40)

Big Sur California [7] ($15-$40)

You Can't Rule the World in Hiding [8] ($15-$40)

Echo Park Lake [9] ($15-$40)

Getting Lost Is Not a Waste of Time [10] ($15-$40)

You Are Here Marfa Texas [11] ($15-$40)

Breathe [12] ($15-$40)

El Capitan Yosemite National Park [13] ($15-$40)

Welcome to Los Angeles [14] ($15-$40)

Forever [15] ($15-$40)

Let's Go Away Together [16] ($15-$40)

Hideaway [17] ($15-$20)

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco [18] ($15-$40)

Enjoy the Journey [19] ($15-$40)

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