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Damage-Free Ways to Decorate Your Walls

Feb 18 2015 - 1:30pm

Most rental agreements include stipulations about major aesthetic changes to the unit, with painting almost always topping the list of outlawed alterations. If this makes your decor-savvy palms sweat, have no fear — there are many ways to personalize a rented property without violating the lease. If the walls of your apartment are looking a bit bare, rest easy with these ideas for temporary wall decorations that won't leave a major mark.

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Repurposed Curtains

Drapes don't have to be designated for windows. If you're looking for a major change, hang curtains along plain spots of wall for a removable change of color, texture, and pattern.

Source: Jacqueline Elizabeth [5] via Style Me Pretty [6]

Try a Tapestry

Hanging a bold tapestry dramatically changes the feel of a space yet requires no permanent alteration to the room. This mirrored geode tapestry [7] ($69) is large enough to cover an entire wall and looks stunning.

Neon Statement

When you've got a large wall space, the pressure to fill it can be intimidating. A great way to approach the issue is by limiting the decor to one bold, bright piece. A wall sign is audacious, hip, and not heavy enough to require a large mount that could damage your apartment's walls.

Source: Tracey Ayton [8] via Style Me Pretty [9]

Damage-Free Drama

Removable wallpaper is a renter's best friend. Find a pattern that matches your style, such as this Timothy Sue option [10] ($120 per roll), then hang it like regular wallpaper. What makes this product special, however, is that it peels right off when you move!

If Walls Could Talk

Hanging painted letters is another idea that won't violate lease terms, allowing you to add a personal declaration to your decor. Pick up wooden letters at a local craft store and transform them with spray paint, then hang however the statement looks best. If you have a particularly strict landlord, you can also hang styrofoam letters for a similar effect that can be sticky-tacked to the walls instead.

Source: Monica Wang Photography [11] via Style Me Pretty [12]

Washi Art Wall

For decor that doesn't require a hammer or nails, let alone paint, try washi tape as a fun way to hang art in your rental. If you're feeling creative, this Japanese tape can also be used to create wall designs, fake rugs, and more!

Source: Instagram user sarahshermansamuel [13]

Mirrored Marvel

Decorating with mirrors [14] is one of the prettiest ways to add drama to a room without breaking out the paintbrush. Adhere a lightweight-looking glass to your wall with removable picture hooks [15] for a gorgeous decoration that won't leave any marks behind.

Source: Ashley Capp Photography [16] via Style Me Pretty [17]

Polaroid Perfection

To create an eye-catching accent wall [18] filled with personal photos, all you need are a camera and tape. Pick out your favorite pictures, then tape them into an arrangement that makes you love your rental's walls again.

Source: Domino Magazine [19]

Gallery Gorgeous

If you love the look of a gallery wall [20] but don't want to nail a bunch of holes into your rented walls, try a shelved gallery. For this look, you need only hang shelves for the art to sit on!

Source: Dust Jacket [21] via Style Me Pretty [22]

Go Global

Lighter than most framed art, maps are a beautiful alternative to heavy frames. Maps can be taped or tacked to walls, eliminating the types of nail holes that might anger a landlord.

Source: Domino [23]

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