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8 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Space

Jun 16 2014 - 3:00am

We partnered with Glidden® paint for this post to help you perk things up on the home front.

Walls looking a little tired? Refresh your space any time of year with these simple tips that are easier than you think to pull off. Editing, removing, or recycling items that just don't fit with your decor anymore will leave you loving your space. Who knows — you may never want to leave!

Pick a Color Theme

Selecting a color theme helps unify a room, making it feel relaxed and inviting. A neutral color is soothing but also creates a clean-looking space. For a quick fix, remove any items from the room that are distracting, such as mismatched throw pillows or blankets. Replace with ones a shade darker or lighter than your selected color.

Source: Restoration Hardware [1]

New Curtains

Another easy way to update your space is with new curtains. Going with a color or print that complements your room color draws attention to your windows without being busy. And curtains are easily interchangeable seasonally, making them worth the investment.

Source: Domino [2]

Update Lighting

If your light fixtures are dated, investing in a few new lamps or chandeliers instantly transforms a room. Along with being an essential for setting the right mood, lighting also helps define areas while illuminating. The right light can be the big hero of a tired room that needs a quick refreshing.

Source: Etsy user Habitables [3]

Fresh Flowers

Even if you're on a budget, fresh flowers are one of the quickest and easiest ways to refresh your space. Along with offering a pop of color, real blooms smell wonderful, leaving your home smelling like a field of flowers — no green thumb required.

Source: Flickr user Shandi-lee Cox [4]


Artwork can completely change a room, making it feel substantially different from bare walls. Large canvases fill empty space, while a group of frames is also a wonderful way to create an accent wall. Not sure where to start? Check out these tips for hanging artwork [5].

Source: Etsy user avaavadonstudio [6]

New Bedding

Sometimes all the bedroom needs is a set of new linens to transform it into a whole new space. And changing your duvet or coverlet set each season is a fun way to refresh your space. Stay neutral and select a color or pattern that fits your color theme, or be bold and pick a complementary hue.

Source: Layla Grace [7]

Cute Decor

Before adding any new decor, it's a good idea to clear out what's already in the space. It may be time to find new homes for old nicknacks or give them a quick update [8] for a fresh look. Create small arrangements of decor that draw attention and accentuate features, such as an old mantel, in the space.

Source: Etsy user ShadeonShape [9]

Make a Statement

If you're feeling like being a bit more dramatic, make a statement and use a bold color of paint to create an accent wall [10]. This black and white combo draws you in without being dark or dreary. Think coral and royal blue or umber and aqua.

Source: Domino [11]

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