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Weird Furniture: Mommy's Chairs

Weird Furniture: Mommy's Chairs

You'd better sit down for this. What you're looking at is not a child's drawing of a dinner table. On the contrary, Lucy Merchant's Mommy's Chairs are in fact real chairs, made of powder-coated recycled steel. According to Merchant, the sculpture-like seating is meant to "represent the spontaneity of a rough sketch." It's interesting to see that a design inspired by a doodle, a type of drawing that's inherently unpolished, can be so flawless; the visually trickery of this furniture is astounding. And, if the spindly shape of the chairs wasn't enough to confound expectations, the Crayola-box colors of the designs further demonstrate their inspiration. In this case the cliché couldn't be more true: things are not always as they seem.

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