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Your Clever Uses Revealed!

Last week I asked you to rework these cast-iron greyhound andirons so they served a different decorating or practical function in your home. Andirons are horizontal iron bars upon which logs are laid for burning in an open fireplace. However, I wanted to know how you could see these employed in an alternate use in your home.

I was so impressed with your creative ideas!

  • krEnElk thought "they'd make really cool table legs, either for like a coffee table or a sidebar!"
  • msdyanelk, who was not a fan, said, "I'd actually rework these by throwing them in the nearest trash dumpster!"
  • ginafly said she'd "paint them with Rustoleum in some funky color and try to incorporate them into a garden."
  • plus_2_kid would employ them as "really really big bookends."

To see more creative uses, just read more

  • sweetpeabrina said "I would use these to flank and/or hold a large round planter or even a long, shallow, rectangular planter. They are a really interesting piece."
  • verily said "I'd put them in the fireplace. It's the focal point of my living room and these awesome puppies would really stand out in there! I think they might be even better if it was a rear view . . . as if the dogs were watching the fire. If I put them elsewhere, I'd probably flank my main doorway and put two large potted plants directly behind them like sweetpeabrina suggested."
  • Rachel419 said "I would probably paint a piece of plyboard and put it on them and then use it to hold magazines."
  • jessness said, "I would probably get two more and flip them over and use as table legs. I would have a glass top so you could see the iron."
  • kathrynn thought "these would be cool as throw blanket holders. Roll the throw blankets and lay them like you would logs."


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