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PS: What's the most rewarding part about a renovation?

AC: I know it sounds cheesy but when you see peoples' faces as they walk into their home. It never gets old.

JC: Also, the thing that really surprised the two of us were the volunteers that came out; a lot of these people don’t even know the homeowners! We got to know their stories. By everyone being selfless, you get this spiraling effect that echoes through society. It was a really positive, restorative thing to be a part of.

PS: Do you have any advice for updating rental kitchens?

JC: Focus on the lighting. We go into a lot of homes where people don’t realize the impact that lighting has. Although important, a lot of people might focus solely on changing the hardware, but truly how many people will notice that? It's the lighting that sets the tone. Hanging two fixtures over an island can make a huge impact without costing a lot of money. And the best part is that you can take them from place to place.

AC: It’s not even the fixtures though! It's the lighting itself (try Cree lighting or LED bulbs), and the placement of that lighting can really dictate the mood in the room. Having a quality light source can set the mood for a sexy dinner or a lively party.

Source: Nate Berkus

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