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POPSUGAR: When it comes to updating a kitchen, where should one splurge and where should one save?

Anthony Carrino: Kitchens are notoriously the most expensive rooms in the house. But you can definitely save on cabinetry. The face of the cabinets is what you’re showing off, so when it comes to the back boxes, you have some leeway. If you're budget allows, the high end would be plywood, while melamine — what we often choose — is more in the middle. On the low end, there's press board cabinets — perfect if you’re on a tight budget. Where you don’t want to compromise is on your appliances . . . assuming you cook and your kitchen reno isn't just for show!

John Colaneri: We sometimes tell people to splurge on an item that offers a big impact. A great example is a standout backsplash. A lot of time we choose something unique like handmade Moroccan tiles. Because this is a project that involves less square footage, you get more bang for your buck.

PS: What problem do you often see people making during a major home renovation?

AC: We find that the biggest mistake is that people don’t plan properly. They don’t plan the work properly, and they don't plan the budget properly. Trust us, if you don’t plan out your project or budget, you're tying both of your hands behind your back before you even start!

JC: It's true, we see so many people just jump in and start their projects without having a plan and budget in mind. Then they panic, the project stalls, and things get pretty bad. But it's also when they call us!

Source: Nate Berkus