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PS: What's the best part about working with family?

AC: We couldn’t do this if we weren't working with each other. We have a lot of clients that we do individually, but if you talk about Cousins Undercover (all new, starting June 25 8 p.m. PDT) with three-day builds, 60 people on site, and an entire floor renovation, I don’t have enough trust in any other human being on this planet than my cousin. It may sound cute but it’s true . . .

JC: We're on the road so much and our days are so long that you need to have your family close. Your mind is in so many crazy places that you need someone to pick you up when you’re down.

PS: So what you really need is family and coffee?

AC: Family, coffee, and a little red wine!

PS: OK, so is there anything bad about working with family?

JC: No, we haven’t had anything bad yet!

AC: We actually get along!

Source: Facebook