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Do you have any other budget-friendly tips for making your home look like a million bucks? 

Two words: spray paint. I simply created the illusion of high end by spray-painting furniture and decor. We ultimately went through over 20 bottles of spray paint! I painted everything from the coffee table, dressers, lamps, and chair frames to smaller things like picture frames, lamp shades, lamp cords, drawer pulls/knobs, and the glass balls on my bubble chandelier. I particularly used a lot of gold paint. I think painting something gold can instantly upgrade its look and make it appear more expensive and high-end, so I used that trick quite a bit. Another great budget lesson I acquired is that you might not need to go out and buy new decor to fill your home. Just take something you already have, or better yet, take something you want to get rid of or have in storage, and give it new life by painting it. I will never look at an object at face value again. Anything can be transformed with spray paint now. With a little imagination, random artifacts can have endless potential and possibilities! But you don't always have to alter an object's appearance. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box in order to view it with fresh eyes. So work with what you already have because anything can be used as decor. Unexpected things like jewelry, cameras, perfume bottles, decorative boxes, matches, nail polish, cups, maybe old wallets you don't use anymore, etc. can be used and repurposed as decor. You can display literally anything if it fits with the overall look and style of your place.

Source: Monica Wang for The Everygirl

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