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Your husband affectionately nicknamed you "Queen Midas" after your penchant for gold spray paint. What are your favorite things that have undergone the Queen Midas touch? How did you keep from going overboard with it? 

The first piece of furniture to undergo the Midas transformation was the glass coffee table that was originally silver. Along with the sofa, it's the centerpiece of the living room so it's important that it ties the room together and represents the gold theme. After I saw how beautiful it turned out and what an improvement the gold was, I contracted Midas fever. It wasn't until halfway through the decorating process that I realized I could potentially have too much gold. I salvaged the situation by dispersing the gold pieces evenly throughout the space and then balancing and contrasting them with wood pieces and other metals. I also decided that having one large piece of gold furniture, the coffee table, is enough; everything else had to be accents only, merely pops of gold rather than a major chunk of gold. For those interested, I used Rustoleum's Metallic Gold spray paint.

Source: Monica Wang for The Everygirl

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