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Carefully styled vignettes (like the lovely ones on your coffee table and bar area) are an Everygirl staple. How do you keep them from looking cluttered? How do you know if you're incorporating too many decorative objects? 

Carefully styled is right! I was so meticulous. You have no idea how many times I played with different objects, positions, and spacing to get the right look! To keep things from looking cluttered, I sectioned areas by using trays and books. Trays add visual interest and can clean up a surface by allowing objects to be displayed in a confined area. This creates a grid-like appearance and prevents a tabletop from looking messy. I also used books as trays so that I don't use more than one tray per surface. And of course, vignettes would not be complete without a vase of blooms or a potted plant. You also have to just rely on your artistic eye and intuition to keep from using too many objects. What helped me was taking constant pictures. I'd style an area several different ways (sometimes changing it by simply removing/adding an object or moving it) and then photograph it to compare what looks better. If it looks good in the photo, it probably looks good in person, but vice versa that's not always the case. For me, it was a lot of trial and error.

Source: Monica Wang for The Everygirl

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