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You have such an adorable puppy! Is it ever a challenge for all three of you to share 750 square feet of space?

It's not a challenge because thankfully we were able to convert the walk-in closet into Bramley's office and Man Cave. Without that, we'd definitely have trouble finding space for all his things! And luckily Boba is a small dog so 750 square feet is the perfect amount of space for him. I love living in this size of a home though, because if we had a bigger apartment, I'd need a bigger budget for decorating!

Katherine Vo Is the Everygirl . . .

If you could have lunch with any woman, who would it be and what would you order?

I suppose Keira Knightley, because we're the same age, she seems down-to-earth, cool, and I could listen to her accent forever (and would join in). We'd have a good laugh and long chat over eclairs, any dish with bleu cheese, and Bloody Marys before then heading off to her London flat to spend the evening playing board games together with our husbands. Keira if you ever read this, ring me.

Dream purchase (for home or otherwise)?

My dream purchase would have to be a loft-style condo in a high-rise building, with hardwood floors, crown molding, giant windows and bright light. Very Scandinavian cozy chic. After that, I'd like a New England-style cottage near a coast.

Favorite budget find (for your home)?

The large black bamboo mirror above the campaign dresser bar was only $8 from Craigslist! I had to drive almost two hours to pick it up, but it was worth it. And originally it was an off-white color but, surprise, I spray painted it! And even though my black and white campaign dresser that serves as the bar area wasn't as cheap as my bamboo mirror, it's my favorite buy because it was a challenge to find (we eventually came across it at a local consignment store) and also because Bramley worked very hard painting and refurbishing it. It's one of those pieces you just know will stick around forever.

Next vacation destination? 

Paris, London, and Zurich in May for our belated honeymoon and one-year wedding anniversary!

Best advice you've ever received?

Get the inside right, and the outside will take care of itself.


Living room:

Sofa — Crate and Barrel in custom upholstery (color: Peacock Velvet)

Swing-arm wall lamps — Home Decorators

Moroccan shag rug — Rugs USA

Fur stools — Ikea

Candle on coffee table — Diptyque from Nordstrom

Plant on coffee table — Ikea


Bed — Skyline Furniture from Wayfair in velvet upholstery

Nightstands — Rast dresser hack from Ikea

Paper lamp pendant lights — Ikea

Leopard pillows — World Market

Dining room:

Dining chairs — Ikea

Dining table — Ikea

Picture frames — Ikea (Stromby & Ribba)

Bookcases — Ikea (Billy & Benno)

Zebra rug — Fabulous Faux Furs

Source: Monica Wang for The Everygirl