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You and your husband had no previous furniture and got to start with a blank slate. Did he give you carte blanche to decorate the way you wanted? Was there any piece or style he absolutely nixed?

Bramley deserves a lot of credit for not only trusting me to do whatever I wanted and respecting my Director Hat, but for substantially supporting my vision and faithfully helping me execute it. I have to admit that whenever he did have input, it was very valid and useful. There were times when he'd question or give me a hard time about a certain choice at first, but once he actually saw it come to fruition he'd realize I was right all along. And he didn't really nix anything, but instead made one demand: he wanted a "couch-shaped bed" so that it could moonlight as a bed for guests (since we don't have a second bedroom) while functioning as a sofa by day. He's not a fan of pull-out beds so our sofa had to be deep enough to sleep on comfortably. The result? Meet our 46-inch deep soporific couch-strosity nicknamed "The Nap Master."

Source: Monica Wang for The Everygirl