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What were some of the challenges you faced in decorating your home? How did you overcome those challenges?

Going off of the previous question regarding my instinctive approach to developing a theme, the challenges I faced went from "What do I like/want?" to now "How do I create this with a limited budget?" and "will this work with my space?" The budget was a constant reality check, but it forced me to get resourceful and creative, hence all my DIY endeavors. Another challenge I had was making my living room cozy. Before this apartment, I never gave coziness a second thought and therefore never realized just how difficult it can be to create it. After studying the art of cozification online, I learned that you need lots of texture (fur is the best), close spacing of furniture (to bring the room in), pillows, and tons of candles to produce warmth and comfort. A good shag rug is also essential.

Source: Monica Wang for The Everygirl