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Has living with a pet changed the way you decorate?

It probably should more than it has! I’ve always wanted all-white bedding, but with his black fur, it’s not the most realistic choice. I’m trying it out for a bit but may end up going back to a print to hide all that shedding!

Tell us more about your blog! The entire concept of the site is to provide advice to 20-somethings. What can visitors expect to see? What advice can you give our readers?

When conceptualizing Advice from a Twenty Something, I wanted to create a place that offered truly useful, down-to-earth advice in a stylish and aesthetically pleasing way. There really isn’t a modern advice column out there and I wanted to fill that space. I certainly don’t know everything, but I think every girl needs a friendly voice to relate to during this unpredictable stage in our lives, and I’m here to offer that.

Source: Edyta Szyszlo for The Everygirl

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