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Do you consider yourself a DIYer? If so, what pieces did you do yourself?

Yes! I love to make things myself. My desk came from Ikea, but I actually spray-painted the legs gold — that was a supereasy DIY. If I don’t like something, I pretty much spray-paint it every time. A lot of the artwork I also created myself, like the paintings and photographs in my bedroom. I’m also a huge fan of framing anything — postcards, prints from magazines, fabrics, etc.

What was the biggest challenge in decorating your home? How did you overcome that challenge?

The biggest challenge was figuring out how to arrange my furniture. It’s a pretty small space, but I wanted it to feel bigger. I actually had my living room arranged a totally different way and decided to change it up a month ago. I always recommend trying out different furniture arrangements — they make such a huge difference!

Source: Edyta Szyszlo for The Everygirl