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As an online contributor for beloved relaunched Domino magazine, what are your responsibilities in this role? How did you land this coveted position?

My role involves writing online articles for I built a great relationship with Editor in Chief Michelle Adams when she was at Lonny, and so when she moved on to work with Domino she approached me to become a contributor. I’ve always loved Domino, so working with the team was a no-brainer.

What obstacles have you faced during your career, and how were you able to overcome them?

I don’t see it as an obstacle necessarily, but as a designer I’m completely self-taught for the most part, so there is a certain amount of technical expertise that I am still learning. I’ve taken classes here and there at FIT and NYU and of course have gotten a great education through the process of researching and writing my blog and talking with some of the industry’s top designers, but I still learn on the job all the time. When I think about it, most of the designers I admire most and who have had stellar careers are also self-taught, so I remind myself of that fact all the time and am constantly educating myself by asking tons of questions, learning a lot from my workroom vendors, talking to other designer colleagues and reading a ton.

I am also lucky that I have my mom as a resource as well as several good friends in the industry who are superhelpful in sharing resources and advice when I need it. On the contrary, I think the skills I developed through my previous experience working in PR and events have helped me tremendously as an entrepreneur. I’ve managed large-scale, very complex projects with a lot of moving parts, multimillion-dollar budgets, and am incredibly savvy when it comes to PR and marketing, which are all tremendously helpful skills to have in running a business.

You split your time between Los Angeles and New York — that sounds fun, impressive, and exhausting! Describe a typical day or week in the life of Nicole Gibbons. As an interior designer, tastemaker, blogger and on-air personality, how do you achieve a work/life balance especially with so much travel?

I try to spend a week every six weeks in LA and also did a two-month stint there last Summer filming Home Made Simple. I am juggling a lot between my design business, blog, and work as an on-air personality, and honestly, I still haven’t quite found balance. I work 24/7. I am constantly out networking and even on the weekends I’m often shopping for clients, working on the blog, and live tweeting on Saturday mornings during Home Made Simple. It all leaves me with little free time to have a robust personal life. I think having a great team is important. Right now I have two interns and work with a small team of freelancers who help me with various ongoing projects. For me, I don’t think there is such thing as a typical day. Every day is different. Some days I’m working from home in the morning and then doing lunches, meetings and auditions in the afternoon. Other days I’m visiting a job site, meeting with clients or out in the market shopping and sourcing for clients or TV segments. Some days I stay in to focus on putting together presentations, and some days I’m on set filming something or doing a photo shoot in my home. I’m always busy.

Source: Judy Pak for The Everygirl

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