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You somehow managed to decorate your home impeccably despite one of the biggest challenges around: living with a boy! How did you design a home that suits both of you but also feels cohesive and refined?

It’s funny you say that, because I find that the bigger challenge is living with a dog. Our last apartment was originally my husband’s, so it was a challenge to really influence the design of his bachelor pad. We moved into our new place with a clean slate and an opportunity to create a home together. We have similar tastes (I’d like to say I’ve taught him well), but I’d say the biggest thing we challenged each other on was form vs. function. I’d fall in love with detail on the legs of a sofa, and he’d just want to know if it was comfortable enough to watch the game. Like everything in life, you learn to meet in the middle. We find there is enough room for my eclectic art pieces and his travel photos. At the end of the day, we both want our home to reflect our personal style and be a place that is welcoming to our friends and family.

Source: Homepolish via The Everygirl

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