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What was your vision for this apartment when you moved in? Did you have a distinct idea of how you wanted it to feel?

First and foremost, I was a woman living alone, so I really wanted to embrace that time in my life and make this space as girlie as I wanted. Kind of like my own little bachelorette pad. Hence the huge floral headboard, leopard velvet pillows, "Press for Champagne," and Paris everywhere.

Second, I knew I wanted to paint the entire apartment white, but I don't really remember why. I'm guessing because it was a small space, I wanted to do everything in my power to make it feel airier and brighter.

As for the decor, it really evolved as I lived there. It wasn't supposed to be entirely neutral, but slowly transitioned into that. I kept a few pink and mint items in the main living area until the bar cart arrived. Then I realized I had three separate areas going on in one room: the living room, the office, and the bar. I was trying to keep them separate by adding a bit of pink to the office, a bit of mint by the bar. But then I realized the easiest option was to just go neutral. So I put all the pink and mint in the bedroom and kept the palette black, white, gray, gold, and beige in the main living areas. It made it much more cohesive.

What was the biggest decorating challenge you faced?

The biggest decorating challenge was definitely arranging the living room. Let me try and explain . . .

  1. The desk fit best on the wall where the TV is in the photos, but I knew I wanted to face the window since I sat there eight or more hours a day.
  2. The sofa fit best in front of the window, but I needed a window AC unit there, and the sofa would have blocked it
  3. For a long time, I had the bar where the TV is, but it was just too small for that wall
  4. The TV was originally where the bar is in the photos, directly across from the TV, but it was just too large for that space
  5. Finally switching the bar and the TV made everything better. And for those wondering about having the TV perpendicular to the sofa, I always lay on the couch when I watch it, so this worked out better anyway! I wasn't turning my head for an hour at a time causing neck cramps! Voilà!

This space is significantly smaller than your last home — how did you choose what pieces to purge or keep? What was your process of elimination?

This was really a matter of What can I take? What do I have room for? So much had to go. Shelves, chairs, end tables, lamps, mirrors, rugs, a dining table, a set of dining chairs, my desk chair . . .

The sofa was technically too large for this space (it's 90.5 inches long), but I had just bought it (a big personal investment) and couldn't part with it. I knew this apartment would be temporary, and I could deal for a year or two. The toughest decision was temporarily removing my Jayson Home coffee table, which I love. The room (and my dogs) simply couldn't handle it. There was no where to walk! But I couldn't get rid of it since I love it and it was such a good deal I found it at their annual warehouse sale, so I housed it in my mom's basement and bought a really cool, vintage, smaller coffee table on Craigslist for $100.

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