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When sourcing a new piece of furniture, where do you look first?

Can I have four answers? Joss and Main, West Elm, Lulu and Georgia, and Craigslist. I have referred a lot of people (blog readers, Twitter followers, etc.) to Joss and Main so I've accrued a lot of credit, letting me basically get new products for free quite regularly! It's awesome. I often get rugs and lamps from them, which you may have noticed, I change out fairly often.

Working in a creative field means constantly being surrounded by inspiration, which can lead us to evolve our personal style on a regular basis. Would you say your style evolved from your last apartment to this one? How so?

Oh my gosh, yes! It's crazy to look at my last place and the apartment before that, and see how my taste has changed! I try to buy timeless, neutral pieces that can change with my style. And for the most part, even looking back through old photos, most of my belongings have been with me through all four apartments. They just get shuffled from room to room; first in an office, next in the living room, then in the bedroom, etc. But I try to buy pieces I really love that can grow with me over the years.

One of my most complimented belongings is my mint gourd lamp. I bought it on clearance for $30 or so down from $250 when Macy's Home was closing their lighting department; I was 19 years old and remember that $30 was a big expense for me at the time, especially considering I had no where to even use it. But I loved it and my gut told me I couldn't pass it up. So, it sat in my mom's basement for two years until I graduated and took it with me to my first apartment in Washington, DC.

And speaking of that apartment in DC, I know it's difficult to look at a lot of lovely, styled homes on blogs and Pinterest and think, "Why doesn't my home look like that?" I know I regularly feel that way about larger, lovelier homes! Well, just remember that your home, income, and circumstances change a lot from when you're 22 to 28 to 35 and older. So try not to compare yourselves to what you see online and in magazines. Truth be told, my apartment rarely looks as tidy as it does in these photos! Evidence of that is on my Instagram. Ha, and I will just go ahead and say my home did not look like this when I was 23. It took a lot of time, effort, DIY, selling, thrifting, saving store credit/coupons/gift cards, accruing store credit like I said, and eventually even brand partnerships (once my blog traffic picked up) to get it to where it is today. I wanted to share this funny time-lapse of my "home offices" to provide a glimpse into how my homes have evolved over the course of my 20s starting with a decently embarrassing photo I just found in the dusty catacombs of my Facebook page.