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Mistake: Fake Flowers

Fake flowers are bad, because they look cheap and will never come close to the beauty of fresh flowers. The absolute worst? Planting fake flowers outdoors.

Source: Flickr user chloester

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nuttmegs17 nuttmegs17 5 years
I honestly never knew people did this! haha! Although I have to say it might be wrong to entirely discount it just bc they are fake...seems like there are a lot of people here who were fooled by skillfully done fakes! Kind of keeps the snob in me in check b/c as long as they are done right and you dont know they are fake, how is it bad design?
ella1978 ella1978 5 years
Okay, I don't like the silk flowers outside (if you do use them, take them inside in the winter.. they look riduculous half covered in snow), but like I've said before, I do silk arrangements and they are beautiful & if done well, they work great as a dining room centerpiece, or decoration in a bathroom or guest room.
5 years
Hey...I do it to blend in where no plants can grow. Since they are blended so is hard to tell...especially since I purchased the more expensive kind. Ok...Ok...I know fake flowers are not the best way to a someone already said..."it's better than seeing a dying, brown, plant..."
5 years
Oy, I wish I was still ignorant to the fact that people do this. Unfortunately, some people who think this is the height of stylish landscaping moved into the house around the corner. In the spring, she has fake tulips and daffodils. Around July 4th, it's red, white & blue flowers (all on the same stems!). For the rest of the summer it's garish pink, red, purple and yellow. In the fall it's orange and gold fake mums. At Christmas it's fake poinsettias - keep in mind that all of these bright plastic monstrosities are just sticking straight up out of the dirt between her bushes. It's a tacky eyesore and embarrasses me to be living in the same neighborhood!
inlove23 inlove23 5 years
Lmao, I didn't know people did this!
AuntCiCi AuntCiCi 5 years
In this particular case, it is ridiculous to put fake flowers in the GROUND, to plant them like they came out of the dirt that way! Altho, as Asche commented, maybe they were having some type of event at the house - like an open house - and were desperate for some curb appeal! You can't always tell they are fake unless you go right up and touch them. And, like the 3rd comment, WHO does this or thinks of doing this?! Also, what are those white cut-off pipes sticking out? A watering system that wasn't working?!
5 years
I have to disagree with this one. I kill flowers! Doesn't matter what kind, I kill them. Even the hard to kill ones. I gave up spending money buying flowers after flowers. I bought some real expensive fake flowers that you wouldn't know was fake until you touched them for my hanging baskets on my front porch. They look a lot nicer then the brown dying ones that used to be in them. Bonus is that it saves on water. The problem is remembering to take them down after it gets cold :-)
jelibeann jelibeann 5 years cute little old neighbors don't plant fake flowers, but do put them in flower pots on their front and back patio (i live in a garden apt complex, so we share an outdoor space divided by a railing) and i once complemented her on how wonderful her flowers look, since mine are always one step from death and she laughed and admitted they were this particular case, i think it's adorable...and she fooled me!
Asche Asche 5 years
I sort've disagree with this one. I once went to an event at a home, where the family had landscaping done for the event. The only problem was that the flowers hadn't grown in full enough by then, so someone bought matching, high quality silk flowers and mixed them in with the live counterparts. You could NOT tell (and I know a bit about flowers). The only reason the mother told me was because I kept asking her for green thumb tips!
snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 5 years
i had no idea people did that. i like origami flowers indoors though
Modus-Vivendi Modus-Vivendi 5 years
Haha. This one I can see. I don't mind fake plants in hard to reach places (like on top of the fridge or something) but in general fake flowers just always look fake.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 5 years
I agree with this one! (And with the comment about fake flowers in general.)