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£10 Million to Rule Death of Princess Diana "Unlawful"

£10 Million to Rule Death of Princess Diana "Unlawful"

Princess Diana still makes news more than ten years after her death. I came across the latest Diana news as the main story on the BBC website yesterday, right there with an "intimate" photo gallery of Diana's life. A British jury ruled that Princess Diana was unlawfully killed due to the "gross negligence" of her driver Henri Paul and the paparazzi. The jury specified that Paul's drunk-driving and a lack of seatbelts contributed to their deaths. Sound like something you've heard before? Well the investigation cost British taxpayers over £10 million!

Whether it is a Broadway musical based on her life, or front page reports that recycle information known a decade ago, everyone seems to think the public has an insatiable appetite for all things Diana. I decided to take a look at how BBC readers reacted to the latest news. Some of the comments insisted that the Diana story be put to rest for the good of the taxpayers, and the good of her memory. To get a taste of the reactions to this "news" story,


  • "Britain is so short on money that the everyday citizens endure second-class universities, strangle their once fantastic academic research, and wait for hours to receive shoddy health care. And yet your government spends ten million pounds on a boulevard newspaper issue like "who didn't kill Diana"? Keep up the good work."
  • "You have got to be kidding me. All these years, all the money, all of the trials - and we have come full-circle to what we have known all along: bad driving and the idiotic paparazzi. Let her rest."
  • Some found a use for the investigation:

  • "Good. I'm glad the paparazzi have officially been blamed. Surely now the government will have the guts to back proper sanctions against those disgusting vultures."

If the media tell us what we want to hear, are they right in putting a Princess Diana story front and center? Are you surprised that an official inquest just finished? Does the public need this sort of closure?

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