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10 Most Complained About Books of 2009

10 Most Complained About Books of 2009

Sexual explicitness, offensive language, and inappropriate content for age groups are the top three reasons parents and people with little else to do complain about books. Wednesday the American Library Association released its top 10 most complained about books of 2009.

Last year we told you about nine books that had been banned in various libraries and schools across the country. Not surprisingly, there are a few crossovers with this list. Check it out below.

  1. The Chocolate War: This 36-year-old book is still accused of foul language, sexual explicitness, nudity, and being unsuited for its age group. (It is categorized as young adult.)
  2. The Color Purple: Perennially hated, this Pulitzer prize-winning book is loathed for being sexually explicit and profane. Its content has been called unsuited for its age group; though, it's not labeled young adult.
  3. The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things: Recommended on Amazon for grades 7-10, this book has been called unsuited for its age group. Also? What else but sexually explicit.
  4. My Sister's Keeper: From homosexuality to drugs to suicide, this decidedly adult book has been accused of everything. Including being unsuitable for its age group.
  5. The Catcher in the Rye: Ahh, yes Holden Caulfield will always be known for his potty mouth, sex-crazed 16-year-old imagination, and having a poor attitude. This all makes the novel unsuitable for other 16 year olds.
  6. Twilight: It seems you can't win! People have complained about Twilight's religious viewpoint and being sexually explicit.

To see the final four,


  1. To Kill a Mockingbird: Let's see. Besides being one of the most valuable depictions of race relations in the South, it's totally offensive. For, of course, the very racism it tries to fight.
  2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower: This book was banned from a ninth grade classroom for being too sexual. Other complaints? It's antifamily, there's gay characters in it, and people take drugs and say bad words. It is, however, labeled young adult.
  3. And Tango Makes Three: This terrible, terrible children's book has been banned more than once for featuring two same-sex penguins in a committed relationship and parenting a child penguin. While the complaints are numerous, there's only one problem: homosexuality.
  4. TTYL: The most complained about book has been banished from at least one middle-school library for profanity. Complaints range from nudity (emoticons?) and drugs to sexual explicitness and language.

Any surprise you?

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