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Lloyd Dobler

Even the movie poster agrees: "To know Lloyd Dobler is to love him." Perhaps for those of us who've seen this movie, we have no other choice. Though BellaSugar thinks he's a bit stalkerish, he's dreamy enough to inspire this postcard.

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Lord Aragorn

Janeaustenrules may be the only one who agrees with me, but the quiet, humble warrior from the Lord of the Rings trilogy could be my king any day.

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Mr. Darcy

The male lead in Jane Austen's classic novel Pride and Prejudice is, as pixiedust1010 puts it, "like the prototype dream guy . . . and Colin Firth's version is my favorite." Several other readers agreed that this gentleman belongs on the list.

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Nickie Ferrante

Almost every character Cary Grant played would be dateable, according to BellaSugar, who listed "Cary Grant in just about anything." But Nickie Ferrante in An Affair to Remember is a dapper and romantic classic.

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The hero of the quirky fairytale The Princess Bride could sweep even modern-day princesses off their feet, including Chrstne. He lives in pursuit of true love, but he also has a sharp wit and a way with the blade.

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Count Laszlo de Almasy

Kudos to janeaustenrules for mentioning Ralph Fiennes's character in The English Patient: "the one who never fails to make me feel romance right into my toes is Count Laszlo de Almasy." Could it be the scene with Kristin Scott Thomas in the cupboard, perhaps?

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Noah Calhoun

Played by looker Ryan Gosling, the romantic male lead from The Notebook was a reader favorite. As khameel point out, "Noah is the best! He even built Allie her dream house with his bare hands."

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Theodore "Laurie" Lawrence

A guy who hangs out with a bunch of sisters without seeming creepy and even acts in their homemade plays without complaint? It's hard to imagine a better adolescent crush than Little Women's Laurie, especially as portrayed by Christian Bale.

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Denys Finch Hatton

This oldie but goodie is a hunter and adventurer who romances Meryl Streep's lonely expat wife in Out of Africa. Plus, as portrayed by Robert Redford, he had good hair, too.

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Edward Cullen

Though lovely2190 admits it's "obvious," she says Edward Cullen is dreamy because "he will do anything to make sure that the love of his life is safe, even if that means leaving her to protect her from him, but he also plays piano and sings to her before she sleeps." C4rolin3 disagrees: "Stalker Edward Cullen? No thanks."

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Which Character Is Your Dream Man?
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