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Romy and Michele, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

I learned from Romy's reunion mishap not to dwell on past crushes . . . the memory seems to get better in time, while the person may not. Case in point: Billy Christensen. Also, I love how in the end Romy and Michele discover happiness and fulfillment in their close bond and a new business together — not a double wedding!

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Julianne Potter, My Best Friend's Wedding

Not many modern romantic comedies end with the couple you're rooting for not getting together. But Julianne Potter really shows how sometimes truly loving someone means letting them go. (But not without some cringe-worthy pitfalls along the way.)

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Alice, Alice in Wonderland

Alice chooses an unpredictable, dangerous new job over a safe marriage to a (wealthy) man she doesn't love at the end of this psychedelic sequel to the classic fairytale. Go Alice!

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Jane Austen, Becoming Jane

Although the love story between Jane Austen and Thomas Lefroy is more fiction than history as portrayed in Becoming Jane, the film's heroine makes the wise decision to not run away with the man she loves for his family's and their relationship's sake. And even without a husband, she continues to pursue her passion for writing and becomes one of the most famous and loved writers to date. And that part is not fiction.

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Samantha Jones, Sex and the City 2

What I love about Samantha is how genuinely upbeat she is with her life, and how happy she is for her trio of besties as they go through marriage and children, while she remains single. Even as the oldest of the bunch, there is no hidden jealousy or resentment about their happiness, no crying and ice cream eating because she's alone. Instead, she's living the single life to the fullest and loving the sexy perks . . . and quite enthusiastically!

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Patti, Under the Tuscan Sun

While Frances Mayes is the leading lady learning to be single in this flick based on a memoir, I was really struck with her best friend Patti's predicament. Apart from a cheating partner, it doesn't get much worse than being left alone while pregnant. But she manages to turn things around, following Frances to Italy to have the baby and start a new life as a single mom.

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Poppy, Happy-Go-Lucky

While Poppy does eventually meet someone in Happy-Go-Lucky, her sweet, spunky, and uber-positive attitude was there from the beginning, the cause, not the effect, of the relationship. Her outlook on life, even in tough situations with difficult and irritable people, is something to aspire to, single or otherwise.

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Rose Lorkowski, Sunshine Cleaning

As a single mom barely making it as a maid while having an affair with her high school ex, Rose isn't doing so hot at the beginning of this indie flick. But she courageously dumps the fella and starts a new career for herself, all with selfless motivation and a lot of love for her imperfect family.

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Natalie Keener, Up in the Air

Natalie proves there is life after a text message breakup. Even after following the boyfriend to Omaha just to be dumped by him, she isn't afraid to change careers to something she'll enjoy more and in a city she want to be in, on her own.

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Holly, P.S. I Love You

Although Holly doesn't have a choice in the matter of being single after her husband tragically dies of a brain tumor, she does have a choice in deciding how to move on. With the help of her family and friends, and of course the letters her husband left her, she begins doing what she loves, supporting her friends in their happiness, and opening herself to what life has in store for her.

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