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10 Top Wedding Pet Peeves

I asked recently: what are your wedding pet peeves? Well, you gals had a lot to say! I rounded up the 10 best of the worst annoyances that you have dealt with during wedding season.

  1. A disorganized bride — idanceinmycar
  2. Having weddings on holiday weekends — Anonymous
  3. Making guests wait an hour for the bride and groom to show up — danakscully64
  4. The "dollar dance" — sarasonne
  5. Female guests who wear white — vertes
  6. Being stuck sitting next to strangers at the reception dinner — chloe bella
  7. Forcing involvement in the bouquet toss — tlsgirl
  8. Awkward speeches — PontNeuf
  9. Weddings that are too "prom-like" — lucyinthesky1130
  10. And finally, judging other people's weddings — lilkimbo

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