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365 Days to Sexual Satisfaction?

Even the most sexually-inclined couple is unlikely to fathom having sex every day for a year straight, but a recent article in the Style section of the New York Times discusses one couple who did just that. Charla Muller decided to celebrate her husband Brad's 40th birthday by giving him the gift that keeps on giving: sex, once a day for a year. And she followed through, too!

While it might be more exciting to say that the Muller's year of sex led to a level of sexual satisfaction neither had ever dreamed of, the results were actually a bit more subtle. Charla refers to it as "a really meaningful lesson," which according to the sex experts is to be expected. The article notes:

Shoshana Bulow, a psychotherapist and certified sex therapist in Manhattan, pointed out that sex is a lot more complicated than frequency. “There’s all sorts of reasons people lose interest in sex with their partner — disappointments, life cycles, financial issues,” she said. “Just having it isn’t going to resolve those.” Nonetheless, sex every day seems to have worked for the Mullers. Charla said:
It required a daily kindness and forgiveness, and not being cranky or snarky, that I don’t think either of us had experienced before.

Though the Mullers gained a new perspective, for some, 365 days of sex might be a deterrent to emotional connection, but what do you think? Is a sexual marathon brilliant for a couple in need of a relationship revamp? Are there any circumstances under which you would you be willing to give it a go?


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