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The 4-Way: Blind Love

Divine Caroline and I are back with another edition of the the 4-way. Enjoy!

Dear 4-Way,

If you’re on blind date and things aren’t working out, at what point in the date is it acceptable to end it? I have friends who do a lot of online dating and a few have told me that once they know there’s not a love connection, they tell the other person immediately so that nobody’s time is wasted. This seems kind of rude, although it does seem like it might be easier for everyone involved. What do you guys think?—BT in Atlanta, Georgia

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Dear BT,

I'm with your friends, BT — there's no use in wasting anyone's time if you know for sure that there's no connection. Since you don't know much about your blind date, I recommend keeping the first encounter short and sweet. Meet for a drink, a cup of coffee, or dessert instead of signing yourself up for a meal, movie, or night out on the town. I'm a firm believer of first impressions so if you're one that follows your gut instincts as well, chances are you'll feel the spark if there is one by the time you finish that first drink.

With that said, I think it's important to finish out the date you're on even if you're not interested — you don't want to leave the poor guy in the lurch — but if he asks you out again, don't hesitate to kindly decline. Being straight up and honest will only benefit you both.

And for the record, I'm with you Darren!

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