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Bamboo or Organic Cotton Sheets

Bamboo is a renewable resource, which means it can be grown quickly and it's usually grown without pesticides so it's good for the planet. Bamboo is also hypo-allergenic and bacteria-resistant, which makes it perfect for the bedroom. Organic cotton is also grown without harsh chemicals so it's good for the environment and your skin!

If you're ready for a new set of sheets this Spring, opt for either Bamboo Sheets ($100), or Organic Cotton Sheets ($80) that will feel both soft and natural.

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Bamboo Lingerie

Bamboo can be used to make just about anything, even this Enamore sexy camisole ($76).

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Earth-Friendly Vibrators

Have fun in the bedroom and feel good about your purchases. Choose a vibrator made of elastomer, like the Laya ($46). Elastomer is latex-free and doesn't contain phthalates — chemicals the US Centers for Disease Control says can lead to birth defects.

Or, instead of throwing out batteries all the time, choose a vibe that uses a rechargeable battery, like the Iris ($136).

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Babeland Naturals Organic Lube

Many personal lubricants contain chemicals and glycerin that aren't good for your lady parts or the environment. This Babeland Naturals Organic Lube ($10) is water-based, free of parabens and petro-chemicals, and is not tested on animals. It comes in two flavors, Naked or Fresh.

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Biodegradable Condoms

Naturalamb condoms may not prevent the spread of STIs, but they will prevent pregnancy and they're biodegradable!

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