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70's TaB Ad (Were They Kidding?)

70's TaB Ad (Were They Kidding?)

"When you can't be with him/Be in his mind/Be a mind sticker." Ah, TaB. The 70's diet cola favored by Stepford Wives, anorexic teens, and insecure women everywhere! This 1977 television spot manages to be dumb, enraging and spooky all at once. It will also have you wondering if it's possible to punch a voice-over in the face. Enjoy!

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Home Home 9 years
So creepy in so many ways. Love the soft, hazy light on this one. Who's going to kill that wife? Her kid or her husband? Equally likely!
krystalmak krystalmak 9 years
lol what the heckk
lovelymiss6 lovelymiss6 9 years
Hmmm be a mind sticker....did they not have a thesaurus...could they not think or anything better? That was so creepy,like a horror movie before the killing.
bugness bugness 10 years
And the first time, I totally didn't hear "shape"... I heard "shave" -Bug
bugness bugness 10 years
If I'm right, the TAB sold today is just an energy drink. I don't think they make the diet cola. also mixes well with liquor, I hear :p I guess some can still be mindstickers -Bug
grl-in-the-world grl-in-the-world 10 years
WTF! This is mega-disturbing! I think everyone involved with this ad was dropping LSD.
pinky-tuscadero pinky-tuscadero 10 years
A mind sticker. Very creepy!
RCLdesigngirl RCLdesigngirl 10 years
Karebear, they DO sell Tab....a lady in our office drinks it. In fact, I think the entire Junior League in our city drinks it. I seriously can't believe this is a real ad! What is a mind sticker? And keeping your shape has its rewards? Gimme a break!
GIOVS GIOVS 10 years
JennyJen2 JennyJen2 10 years
Love that they walk up the stairs like she is a 2 bit hooker!
blythe15 blythe15 10 years
Yikes! A mind sticker? How about a mind sucker? I feel like that voice is trying to brainwash me...I suddenly feel like back combing my hair, walking through a field of daisies searching for prince charming ...
Imabeliever Imabeliever 10 years
WOW! amazing to be equally horrified and amused by a commercial. Now I have a mind sticker I am not sure I will be able to scrape off all day!
karebear karebear 10 years
Keep ur shape in shape and be a mind-sticker! Now I know why they don't sell Tab anymore.
honey31 honey31 10 years
What ever!
3Sweeties 3Sweeties 10 years
Thanks for the relationship advice Tab!
3Sweeties 3Sweeties 10 years
Keep your shape in shape and be a mind sticker?!?!
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 10 years
You know it's bad when Flippy's at a loss for words!
flippy flippy 10 years
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