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9 People You May Not Want to Have Sex With

If you really like someone and the chemistry's there, the passion between you could easily lead into the bedroom. Although the person you're into may be great on dates, he may not be so great under the sheets. According to Holy Taco, you might want to look out for these types of people — they're sure to kill the mood:

  1. The Over-Attentive Waiter
  2. He Who Keeps Cats in the Room
  3. The Guy That Answers Rhetorical Dirty Talk Questions With Serious Responses
  4. The Person Who Doesn’t Turn Off Their Cell Phone
  5. The Screamer
  6. The Guy Who Learned All His Bedroom Moves From Early ‘90s Slow Jams
  7. The Cryer
  8. Mr. Hold on Let Me Put on This Dave Matthews Album
  9. Mr. I Go Straight For the Vagina

If you're interested in seeing the explanation of each one, then check out

This list is great, but if you want to see who is on my list of people you probably want to avoid,


  1. The Licker: Yes, using your tongue can be very sexy — when used in certain places or sparingly — but it's overkill when a guy thinks licking your entire body is sexy.
  2. The Guy Who Shares a Room With Mr. Inconsiderate: I don't have a problem with a guy who has a roommate; it's the guy whose roommate doesn't respect his privacy that gets me every time.
  3. The Home-Runner: This guy is all about going straight for intercourse. Sometimes a passionate quickie is great, but not all the time — don't ignore the foreplay!
  4. The Slobbery Kisser: Need I explain this one?
  5. The Boob-Lover: Sure, a girl wants a guy to think her body is hot, but it can be a total turn-off for a guy to obsess over just one part.
  6. The Guy Who Refuses to Wear a Condom: If you use condoms either to prevent pregnancy or to prevent the spread of STIs, there's absolutely no excuse for a guy who won't put one on.
  7. The Critic: A little direction can be a good thing sometimes, but when a guy is constantly telling you what to do or what you're doing wrong, it can make for an unpleasant time in the sack.
  8. The Bad Listener: Sometimes it's the other way around and you need to give a guy some gentle verbal cues as to what you want him to do, or where you want him to touch you. It's no fun to be with a guy who ignores you completely and thinks he knows what you want.

If you can think of anyone else you probably don't want to sleep with, share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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