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Ad-Rageous: Giuliani's Religious Credentials?

Ad-Rageous: Giuliani's Religious Credentials?

In a recent Florida flyer, Giuliani's campaign takes a break from discussing his 9/11 record, to tout his religious credentials. The NY Daily News featured the ad and asked New Yorkers: "Do You Recognize This Man?" The flyer points out that Giuliani:

  • Fought on the front lines of the culture wars and won: He cleaned up Times Square, driving out prostitutes and pornography, making it safe for families.

  • Pioneered initiatives that increased adoptions by 113 %, while the number of abortions in New York City fell faster than the national average.
  • Fought to stop the use of public funds for the desecration of religious symbols and values.

This is a bold angle for Giuliani, who has a socially liberal record and a few marriages to his name. Just in case the religious appeal doesn't work, America's Mayor also released a television ad in Florida, which claims that while the world wavered on 9/11, he never did. To check out that video,


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