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Advice For Attending a Friend's Wedding

Group Therapy: Should I Go to My Friend's Wedding?

This question is from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

My friend is getting married soon and she is expecting me to be involved in her wedding. She and her fiancé have had many, many ups and downs. Actually way more downs than ups from the very beginning of their relationship. They both have a lot of personal issues and baggage, so it makes their relationship difficult. I have been friends with her for a couple of years and she has always been very negative about life, and her relationship with her fiancé has caused problems between us. They have a very toxic relationship. I told her awhile back that her relationship and her negativity toward life made me drift away and that I couldn't deal with her anymore. I told her we can be friends, but we can't be close like before. Like we can hang out once in a while but she can't call me for problems like she used to because it's pointless for me to help her. She recently sent out an invitation to me, hinting that she wanted me to help her out with the wedding.

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I'm thinking, why should I? I know this sounds mean, but I don't want to participate in her charade. She has told me before that the reason why she is staying with him is because she thinks she can't find anyone else. And that if someone better came along she would leave him. I used to think he was a big jerk for treating my friend like crap, but she's not so nice herself either. She told me I should be happy for her and support her relationship with him. I feel like why should I waste my money and time when they are treating the relationship/marriage like it's a joke? Should I go or not? What should I say to her?

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