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Alcoholic Boyfriend

Group Therapy: Should I Stick by My Alcoholic Ex?

This is an excerpt from a Group Therapy question in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

My boyfriend and I just broke up because of his drinking problem. He's such an amazing person. Smart, kind, considerate, loving, fun. When he wasn't drinking he was the most amazing person I ever met. Always quick to do or say something sweet. He's had a checkered past and I knew all about it before we became bf/gf. He's turned his life around . . . except for his drinking. I've never been around an alcoholic and it's the most horrible thing ever. He is mostly an angry drunk. He turns everything around on me and tells me how horrible I am. There' s no talking to him when he gets like this, he just wants to start a fight. It would break my heart every time he would get like that. He's such a great person and then when he drinks this monster comes out. I know it's his addiction talking and not him but it doesn't make it hurt any less. I can't make him change his ways and it makes me wonder if he will ever want to change for himself.

He has told me that alcohol has ruined all of his relationships, his family, jobs, etc. It just hurts to see this has taken over his life and he can't or won't overcome it. He has been in rehab twice in his past and has been able to stay sober for months at a time. He likes to surround himself with people who are not good for him and that's how he slipped the last time. His girlfriend at the time was an alcoholic, coke-abusing stripper. Their relationship was based on drinking and partying.  It's still going to be hard to overcome his addiction surrounded by positive people but I feel as if hanging out with like-minded alcohol abusing people completely dooms any chance he has at recovery. My question here is, is it dumb of me to stick around?

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