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Am I a Terrible Dater?

Group Therapy: Am I Just a Prep School For Guys?

This question comes from a Group Therapy post in our TrèsSugar Community. Add your advice in the comments!

First off, I'm just gonna say it — I'm young, so go ahead and say what you will. I'm a college student in my third year, and everywhere I turn people are in relationships. I've never truly had a serious relationship and as of five minutes ago, have just been rejected by yet another guy I wasted the better part of this year on.

It seems like anyone I connect with usually ends up hurting me. Everything goes along so well for months then suddenly it's just over — and usually because of another girl. I feel like I'm a prep school for these guys — just guiding them along and onto the perfect girl who never ends up being me. And seriously, every girl the guys go to they end up falling in love with. After being with me, at least six of the guys I've dated have pursued long term relationships with girl #2. Why am I never that person?

I'm way too young to already be burnt out on this process. I'm confident I have much to offer someone, but my hope for someone ever actually taking the chance dwindles with every person I date. So I know this seems petty, but I would appreciate some advice.

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