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Amy Schumer's Guide to Dating, Breakups, and Sexting

May 18 2014 - 5:00pm

Whether you're trying to out-sex-toy your girlfriends at a bridal shower, send a sexy photo of yourself to that guy you're dating, or plan the perfect breakup — comedian Amy Schumer [1] has your bases covered. If you're not watching her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer yet, you will be after watching these hilarious sketches. Watch our favorites now!

Source: Comedy Central [2]


This parody of Say Yes to the Dress, "My Dream Breakup," is too good.


Hey, sexting isn't always easy.


This fake engagement ring ad [3] says, "Give her the gift that says, 'I will keep you waiting for-f*cking-ever.'"

Couples Therapy

If Chrissy Teigen was your couples therapist, it'd go a little something like this.


It's funny because it's true: women can't take compliments.

Bridal Shower

It's the battle of the sex toys.

Sex Tips

Because sexy mags have a tendency to go a little overboard with their sex advice.

One-Night Stands

Pro tip: don't do this.

Finger Blasters

Totally ridiculous, yet totally hilarious.

Sexting Photography

Scared to sext? Hire a pro.


This male version of Hooters is spot-on.

Hello M'Lady

The dating app to help you "manage those clingy, fragile guys who think that they're dating you."

Love Tub

I laughed out loud watching this parody of The Bachelor.

A Couple Chooses a Movie

This is literally every couple, every night ever.

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